(official discography made by Nicola Cont - last update on 22/05/2024)

1966 Lady Greengrass/Love of Mine (by The Ones) 7"
1970 Electronic Meditation Album
1971 Alpha Centauri Album
1972 Ultima Thule 7"
  Zeit Album
1973 Atem Album
  Green Desert Album
  Alpha Centauri/Atem Double album
1974 Phaedra Album
  Phaedra/Mysterious semblance at the strand of nightmare 7"
1975 Rubycon Album
  Rubycon (extracts) 7"
1976 Ricochet Live album
  Ricochet (excerpt) 7"
  Ricochet part 1 & 2 7"
  Betrayal/Grind 7"
  Stratosfear/The big Sleep in Search of Hades 7"
  The Tangerine Dream Single 7"
1977 Stratosfear Album
  Encore Live album
  Sorcerer Soundtrack
  Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme)/Search 7"
  Betrayal/Betrayal 7"
  Betrayal/Grind 7"
  Grind/Impression of Sorcerer 7"
  Theme from Sorcerer 7"
  Encore/Hobo March 7"
  Monolight Part 2/Monolight Part 2 7"
  Monolight Part 2/Coldwater canyon 7"
1978 Cyclone Album
  Rising runner missed by endless sender/Bent cold sidewalk 7"
1979 Force Majeure Album
  Excerpts from Force Majeure 7"
1980 Tangerine Dream 1970-1980 BOX 4 LP
  Tangram Album
  Tangram Part 1,2/Tangram Part 3,4 7"
  Quichotte- Live East Berlin '80 Live album
1981 Choronozon/Network 23 7"
  Dr. Destructo/Diamond diary 12"
  Exit Album
  Thief Soundtrack
  Beach scene/Burning bar 7"
1982 White Eagle Album
  Logos - Live at the Dominion Live album
  Das Maedchen auf der Treppe /Katja 7"
  Das Maedchen auf der Treppe (Tatort-ST) 12"
1983 Hyperborea Album
  Wavelength Soundtrack
  Cinnamon Road/Hyperborea 7"
  Risky Business Soundtrack
  Daydream/Moorland 7"
1984 Poland Live album
  Extracts from Poland: The Warsaw Concert Live album
  Warsaw In The Sun/Polish dance/Rare bird 12"
  Warsaw In The Sun/Polish dance 7"
  Firestarter Soundtrack
  Flashpoint Soundtrack
  Flashpoint/Going West 7",12"
1985 Le Parc Album
  Dream Sequence Compilation
  Heartbreakers Soundtrack
  Streethawk/Tiergarten 7"
  Streethawk/Tiergarten/Gaudi park/Warsaw in the sun 12"
  Streethawk/Tiergarten 12"
1986 In the Beginning BOX 5 LP
  Legend Soundtrack
  Underwater Sunlight Album
  Dolphin Dance/Dolphin smile/Song of the whale 12"
  Pergamon Live at the >>Palast der Republik GDR<< Live album
1987 Tyger Album
  Shy People Soundtrack
  Dancing on a White Moon/Shy people 7"
  The Collection Compilation
  Near Dark Soundtrack
  Three O'Clock High Soundtrack
  A Time For Heroes 12"/CDS
  Tyger/The tiger/21st century common man 7"/12"
  Canyon Dreams Video + DVD
1988 Livemiles Live album
  Optical Race Album
  Marakesh CD5
  Optical Race CD5
  Optical Race CD5
  House of the Rising Sun Flexi Single
1989 Miracle Mile Soundtrack
  Lily On the Beach Album
  The Best of Tangerine Dream! Compilation
  Destination Berlin Soundtrack
  Alexandre Square/Berlin summer nights 7"/12"/CDS
  Catch Me if you can Soundtrack
1990 Melrose Album
  Tangerine Dream Synthetiseur BOX 3CD
  T Collection BOX 3CD
  Dead Solid Perfect Soundtrack
1991 The Man Inside Soundtrack
  I Just Want To Rule My Own Life Without You 7" /CDS
  From dawn 'til dusk - Tangerine Dream - 1973-88 Compilation
  Canyon Dreams Soundtrack
  The Park Is Mine Soundtrack
  Big City dwarves/Penguin reference 7"
  Rumpelstiltskin Video
  Rumpelstiltskin Soundtrack
1992 Tyger New version
  Rockoon Album
  Rockoon Special Edition CDS
  Deadly Care Soundtrack
  Dream Music, The Movie Music of Tangerine Dream Soundtrack Ccompilation
  The Private Music of Tangerine Dream Compilation
  Quinoa CDS
  Tangerien Dream 3 BOX 3CD
  The story of Tangerine Dream Compilation
1993 220 Volts Live Live album
  Dreamtime CDS
  Three Phase Video
1994 Turn of the Tides Album
  Midwinter night CDS
  Tangents 1973-1983 BOX 5CD
1995 The Dream Mixes Compilation
  Tyranny of beauty Album
  Atmospherics Compilation
  Dream Music II, The Movie Music of Tangerine Dream Soundtrack Compilation
  Book of dreams Compilation
  The dream mixes Compilation (2cd)
1996 The dream roots collection BOX 5CD
  Goblins’ club Album
  TD Compilation
  Zoning Soundtrack
  The video dream mixes Video + DVD
  Sheperd bush CDS
1997 Towards the evening stars 12" CD5
  Maedchen auf der treppe CDS
  Maedchen on the stairs CDS
  5 CD Brick BOX 5CD
  Oasis Video + DVD
  Oasis Soundtrack
  Jim & Pablo Soundtrack
  The keep Soundtrack
  Ambient monkeys Album
  Time square Album
  Tournado Live album
1998 The pink years Compilation
  Analogue space years Compilation
  Luminous visions Video + CD + DVD
  The blue years Compilation
  Dream Dice BOX 12 CD + 1
  ça va - ça marche - ça ira encore CDS
  Atlantic bridges Compilation
  Atlantic walls Compilation
  Dream encores Compilation
  The Hollywood years 1 Album
  The Hollywood years 2 Album
  Quinoa extended Album
  Transsiberia Soundtrack
  Topping out SONY ceremony store CDS
  Three classic albums BOX 3 CD
  Valentine Wheels Live album
1999 Tangerine Dream Compilation
  What a blast Soundtrack
  Sohoman Live album
  Mars Polaris Album
  The great Wall of China Soundtrack
2000 Soundmil navigator Live album
  Tang - go Compilation
  Antique dreams Compilation
  The seven letters from tibet Album
  Astrophobia (red supernova remix) 12"
  Meng tian (Smart Machine remix) 12"
  Stereolight 12"
2001 Dream mixes three (The past hudred moons) Album
2002 Inferno Album
  Journey through a burning brain (Anthology) BOX 3 CDs
2003 Astoria Theatre London CDS
  Mota atma Album
  The Bootleg box Vol. 1 BOX 7CDs
  DM 4 + Bonus CDs Album
  Rockface Live album
  Live in America 1992 DVD
2004 The Bootleg Box Vol. 2 BOX 7 CDs
  High Voltage BOX 4 CDs
  Live Aachen Germany Live Album
  Live Montreal Canada Live Album
  Live Paris Live Album
  Live Sydney Live Album
  Live Ottawa Live Album
  Purgatorio Double Album

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