I'd like to thank all the people that gave me lot of help to complete my collection.
I thank all of you for your big support in sending to me the missing material.
Many thanks to : (alphabetically)
Artemi Pugachov (Russland)
Christian Horn (Germany)
Franco Clementoni (Italy) - A very special thanks for finding rare items
Glyn Morton (Ireland)
Heiko Heerssen (Germany)
Heiko Neumann (Germany)
Helmut Paul (Germany)
Jeffrey Au Yeung (Hong Kong)
Joel Mullen (USA)
Juan Carlos Mohedas Garcia (Spain)
Jupe Uriarte (Spain)
Klaus Beschorner (Germany)
Manfred Döring (Germany)
Paul Fellows (France)
Reiner Rutka (Germany)
Robert Schmergen (Holland)
Rogelio Cavazos (USA)
Stefan Klose (Germany)
Steve Jenkins (UK)
Uwe Zelt (Germany)
Vic Rek (USA)
Very special thanks to Peter Stöferle and Siegfried Lindhorst that made me known personally Edgar Froese & Co.

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